Virgin Australia Short Haul Pilots Agreement

“AFAP has made significant gains for Virgin pilots, without the Qantas pilots experiencing industrial turbulence 18 months ago,” he said. Tony Sheldon, TWU Secretary of State, said the EBA, which covers about 2,100 short-haul roadside attendants, makes Virgin “a better and more sustainable airline.” There are many moving parts as drivers are paid. But Virgin`s management proposal calls for a reduction in hourly wages, an increase in hours and a reduction in the number of days off. The objective of the exercise is to significantly increase pilot productivity. Virgin Australia, with its short-haul cabin staff, has been granted a new collective bargaining agreement (EBA) after 90% of respondents voted in favour of a deal that the Transport Workers Union says will improve staff conditions. Qantas signed a collective agreement for long-haul pilots in the months leading up to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and its short-haul contract still has a few years to come. Virgin has already given virgin`s pilots` union the big brushstrokes of the pay and conditioning issues it wants to address, but few quantitative details, as negotiations for a new enterprise deal are still in the works. Qantas makes no secret of the fact that if Virgin cuts the salaries and conditions of its pilots, it will go to the unions to compensate for its competitive disadvantage. Virgin Australia`s domestic pilots will see their salaries increase by up to 28 per cent under a new contract. Virgin pilots should expect lower wages and conditions. Credit: AP In the end, pilots have little or no leverage to negotiate payday and conditions. The deal ends nearly 18 months of lengthy negotiations and will bring virgin`s pilots` pay closer to rival Qantas. Under the agreement, pilots will increase their salaries from 14.2 to 28.4% over three years.

The TWU said the agreement provides specific leave for those affected by domestic and domestic violence, “no negative change and no compromise on current conditions,” increased overtime and better occupancy practices. There were also “salary updates, conditions and classifications to recognize the role of cabin crew in Virgin Australia`s expansion and move to a full-service airline.” Virgin Australia`s national pilots have voted in favour of a new enterprise agreement that allows them to raise their salaries by up to 28%. The company`s ability to reset Virgin`s pilots is partly made possible by the expiry of their enterprise agreement, but the success of achieving the result has been enhanced by the fact that there are tens of thousands of oversized drivers in the world. Captain David Booth, negotiator for the Australian Air Pilots Federation, said the agreement has made “strong and lasting improvements without disrupting the airline`s operations. It remains to be seen how this could be achieved in the existing business negotiation, but Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is legendary when it comes to playing hardball in labour relations. Just a few weeks ago, Joyce launched an auction between Eastern governments to see what would be the best incentive to host the Qantas headquarters and various other institutions. It`s the thunderbolt that many in the industry have been waiting for, but the wildness of the cuts is still surprising.