Wales Agreement Nato

1 North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Wales Summit, press release of September 5, 2014 The following statements and agreements were adopted at the summit: 3 NATO, “Defense Expenditures Data for 2014 and Estimates for 2015,” press release of 22 June 2015 10 “Juncker: NATO is not enough, the EU needs an army,” eurActiv, 9 March 2015, To criticise Juncker`s proposal, see Jan Techau, “The Illusion of an Independent European Army,” Judy Dempsey`s Strategic Europe (blog), Carnegie Europe, 10 March 2015, Another symptom of the problem is the lively debate on the strategic value of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) to be concluded between the United States and the European Union. Some argue that the agreement is the last chance to consolidate the transatlantic link in a way that binds the two sides as strategic partners in a sustainable way and thus has an effect on the security of a trade agreement. Others argue that Europe`s strategic concerns are better able to respond with a regional approach to security and point out that the countries of the North, Eastern Europeans and the countries of the South of the EU are the most competent, the most natural and therefore the most able to secure their neighbourhoods. In addition, the 10-year implementation deadline leaves current governments out of the question and increases the temptation to leave painful implementation to successive governments. The chances of one of the signatory governments still in power in 2024 are extremely slim. Ignorance of a long-term commitment is therefore free of almost all political costs. 18 For more details, see NATO Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Center, Motivating Improved Contributions to the Alliance: Defense Measurements (Lisbonne: NATO Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Center, 2011),